Donna Sharp Inc. is a premier brand of uniquely beautiful and expertly crafted quilts and quilted handbags. Our Home Decor and Fashion lines represent a family history of quilting as well as Donna's personal drive to build a company based on that tradition.

Donna Sharp Inc. is an American owned company. Our products are designed and distributed from our home office in Shepherdsville, KY and sold in retail locations across the country.

"Every quilt tells a unique story. Some yell, some whisper, some speak to your heart, but all speak in their own visual language. The colors and prints chosen, their arrangement, relationship and composition, the proportion of the various components and the stitches which hold them all together - if only one of these is out of balance, the story will be just chatter. However, when each comes together to form a harmonious whole, the result is poetic."


About Donna Sharp - Sewing Machine

And so it began. . .

Pauline & Donna’s Quilts

Donna is a 5th generation quilter who learned the craft from her mother. In 1981 they began hand selecting fabrics, designing patterns and creating custom quilts that they sold to friends, family and at craft shows.

And so it evolved. . .

Quilts By Donna

After discovering her extraordinary talent for mixing color and creating works of art, Donna recruited Kentucky artisans to create her quilts and started selling them out of the loft of her husband’s floor-covering business. From trade shows across the country, to an appearance on national television, Donna became renowned for uniquely designed and quality crafted quilts.

Donna Sharp and mother Pauline Lundy Quilting Together

Donna and her Mother, Pauline, crafting an original design for the Governor of Kentucky.

Donna Sharp Paris Patch Quilt

And so it is. . .

Donna Sharp Inc.

Customer demand has driven the growth of the Donna Sharp brand into the company it is today. Donna designs her own fabrics which are artfully combined into unique patterns for quilts, quilted handbags and quilting accessories—continually expanding her talents with fabric and fashion designs. Retailers and consumers continue to be amazed by her product and her story. Today, Donna Sharp Inc. has become an entity of designers, manufacturers and dedicated support staff trained personally by Donna so her talents, crafts and dreams will be as long-lasting as her quilts.