Product care

*This is only what we recommend for items we manufacture and sell. We do not recommend this method for your personal items or hand made quilts not sold by us. Always read your care labels for exact instructions. If you care for your Quilt correctly, it will stay in mint condition for years and be fit to pass down from generation to generation with love.


Always read each item's specific care label for exact laundering directions. If you have removed your care label, feel free to contact us and we are happy to look up specific item's exact care instructions.

Before washing your item, it's always smart to give it a little once-over to make sure there are no loose threads, stretched seams, or tears that need to be fixed before you start laundering.

Make any minor repairs you need while your item is dry. Contact us with any concerns you may have about a damaged item; we're always here to help.

Some of our decorative pillows are spot clean only. Always check the specific care label.


We recommend using a front-load washing machine. Always use an appropriately sized machine that is large enough to accommodate the entire quilt or comforter at one time.

We recommend using a gentle detergent free of additives and dyes.

Always wash using the gentle or delicate cycle and choose cold water.

We do not recommend using liquid fabric softener or bleach in the wash with any of our items.

If you are trying to remove stain, treat stains before washing and always, ALWAYS, make sure stains have been removed before putting items in the dryer as heat sets stains into fabric.

Most of our quilts are pre-washed so you do not need to worry about shrinking during washing and drying.

We also use color fast materials, so you do not need to worry about fabric dye bleeding.


We recommend you tumble dry and use low heat or air-fluff to dry.

You can always add 2-4 tennis balls to the dryer to help fluff your larger items.

Line drying or laying flat to dry is always okay too.

We find our products become softer to the touch with each wash and dry.


The best place to store your quilts is on a bed. Even if you do not use the bed, storing quilts flat in a dry part of your house with stable temperatures is the best way to go. You can cover it with a sheet or bedspread for protection if you want.

If you do not store it flat, cotton or muslin bags are the best choice for storage. Never use plastic or cardboard. Make sure all items are clean before you store them. Always store away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and discoloration over time.

If you do store quilts folded, switch up the way it's folded every once in a while so deep creases do not become permanent in the batting.

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